NYT Best Seller

X-Men Season One debut on the New York Times Best Sellers list this week. I don't know what that means in terms of hard numbers but it sounds pretty exciting. Very happy to hear the book is selling. This sort of thing helps keep me employed.

Big THANKS to all the retailers who ordered the book and to everyone who went out and picked up a copy. We really appreciate it.


Buy X-Men Season One on Wednesday

X-Men Season One will be in comic shops on Wednesday. It's an updated retelling of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's first few X-Men stories. It's also the fulfillment of my childhood dream to write an X-Men book. Jamie, Mike and Matt outdid themselves on the art.  This thing is beautiful. I really think you'll dig it.

So do me a favor, head out and buy a copy.



Legion of Monsters #3 is out today.  70's Marvel Dracula shows up in this one and Morbius's secrets are revealed.  Go buy it up and tell me what you think.